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Personal Injury Attorneys Washington DC

Personal Injury Attorneys Washington DC

Traffic is notoriously bad near the nation’s capital thanks to its booming population and a planned city design that predates automobiles and highways.  People get through this gridlock and get out safely most of the time, but every day sees a few collisions, accidents, and injuries.

For the most part the aftermath of these accidents goes smoothly enough.  The drivers involved exchange information, they get the damage appraised by a professional mechanic, and they contact each other’s insurance companies to cover the damages.  However, sometimes things get complicated:  a serious injury doesn’t completely show itself until several days later, someone doesn’t have insurance coverage, or the insurer is reluctant to pay out a big repair bill.  That’s when it’s time to look for personal injury attorneys in Washington, DC.

Get A Professional’s Advice

Insurance companies have several advantages over clients who want to make a claim.  For one thing, they have professional investigators and lawyers who understand a lot more about the claims process than their clients.  They also know every detail about insurance laws and regulations, so they can delay your claim or make arguments against it that are completely legal even if they would hurt the claimant.  That’s why it helps to have a professional on your side, too.

Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp are personal injury attorneys in Washington, DC, and we help the victims of auto accidents, negligence, and criminal actions throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.  We have many ways we can assist you:  we can explain how the laws work and how insurance companies like to use them, we can advise you on how to build your case and prove things like injuries and property damage, and we can represent you in negotiations with insurance companies and other lawyers.  Most of our cases end in settlements, but we can also represent you in court if needed.

Find Representation For Any Personal Injury

The law offices of Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp can represent you for a wide range of personal injury cases in tort law.  These include:

  • Dog-bite laws, which cover avoidable injuries caused by animals that should have been under a person’s control.
  • Wrongful death cases, which allow the survivors to collect some compensation if a loved one dies before his or her time.
  • Traffic accidents of all kinds, including drivers, passengers, pedestrians, motorcycle and bicycle riders, and victims of drunk driving.
  • Premise liability cases, also known as “slip-and-fall.”  The people who own, operate, and manage homes and businesses have an obligation to keep their premises safe for guests, and negligence of this obligation demands consequences.
  • Product defects, including things like food poisoning, bad designs, and manufacturing errors.
  • Malicious injuries, because while criminal cases punish the guilty, personal injury cases compensate the victims.

As personal injury attorneys in Washington, DC, we can help people throughout the district and all its suburbs.

Get A Lawyer Who Works On Commission

Unlike many other kinds of lawyer, personal injury attorneys in Washington, DC and elsewhere don’t get paid by the hour or work on retainer.  Instead, our payment is a percentage of the settlement you get.  This means that you won’t have to pay a cent if you lose the case, and it means that if we take your case it’s because we’re certain that you have a good chance of winning.

This payment system also means that you can bring your case against any company no matter how big it is.  Even if they pay their lawyers millions of dollars every year, you can get the kind of professional help that can take them on without having to worry about going bankrupt in the process.  And when you choose Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, you’ll get some of the best personal injury lawyers in Washington, DC.

When you suffer a serious personal injury or your property gets seriously damaged, you don’t need a reluctant insurance company to be yet another headache during an already stressful time.  If you don’t think you’re getting the respect or the claims settlement you deserve, call Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp to get a free case evaluation from professional personal injury lawyers in Washington, DC.  We’ll help you understand the merits of your case and give you the advice you need to take the next step forward.