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Personal Injury Claims Lawyer

Personal Injury Claims Lawyer

America has always been the kind of country where things, for better or for worse, happen. This is a country of change and of dynamism, and it affects all Americans at different levels, whether it’s a change in Federal policy at the government level, or just a new café opening in the neighborhood. But when something happens like an injury to you, a member of your family, or even a friend, things change a lot. If that injury is the result of someone else’s actions, but you’ve paid for it with pain and suffering, the last thing you need is to also pay for it through your own insurance or, worse yet, your own bank account.

This is why a personal injury claims lawyer is always one of the first people that injured parties seek out when there’s a need to resolve an injury, responsibility and treatment. A personal injury claims lawyer is both your guide and your advocate in navigating the complex labyrinth of what could potentially turn into a civil lawsuit that needs the verdict of a jury to get the justice and compensation that are required. There are a variety of different ways for people to sustain an injury or deal with the financial and legal aftermath of that injury. A personal injury claims lawyer can help in these wide ranging situations, including:

Vehicular Accidents

There are literally millions of cars on the roads of Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC at any given time, and it’s impossible for all of those drivers to be experts. People will sometimes make honest mistakes, and sometimes they may make irresponsible, negligent ones, such as choosing to drive while intoxicated, or pay more attention to the smartphone rather than the road.

When collisions occur between vehicles, the speed and mass of the vehicles involved greatly increases the likelihood of serious injuries. If those collisions should occur between an unprotected motorcyclist and a heavily armored freight hauling truck, for example, the results can be devastating. In many cases, vehicular accidents are usually the result of human error, someone made a mistake. But medical treatment for severe collision injuries can be costly, so it’s important to make sure that the responsible parties are held accountable for the financial and medical consequences.

Premise Liability

Of course, accidents don’t occur only in the car, they can also happen at someone’s public or private property. People can sustain injuries when falling down a dark flight of stairs in an office building. Or a child can injure another child while playing with a firearm that was not properly locked away in someone’s home. People may even be injured at an amusement park when an attraction, such as a rollercoaster, derails.

For any permitted visitation, there rests a legal obligation with the owner of the property to ensure there is a certain minimum standard of safety for those visitors. The visitors may be customers to a shopping mall, friends visiting for dinner, or even a postal worker just coming up to the door to deliver mail. In all of these instances, if the property owner doesn’t create a safe environment, any injury that arises from that negligence is considered a premise liability, and a personal injury claims lawyer can help in assigning fault where it truly lies, and compensation that is owed.

Product Liability

When people buy a consumer product, such as a car, or a toy for children, they expect that there has been extensive testing, and that a professional judgment has been rendered that this product is safe of use. If that doesn’t happen, and an injury occurs as a result, especially if that injury then goes to affect many people, then the injured parties have every right to hold the product manufacturers accountable.

Over the years, there have been a few examples of products causing injuries, such as the infamous Ford Pinto case of the 1970s, where rear-end collisions of the car led to deadly fires. Or the Easy Bake Oven incident of 2007, when over 240 children had their hands or fingers painfully caught, injured and even burned in some cases, due to a faulty door mechanism. When a company produces a faulty product that can harm customers, a personal injury claims lawyer is an essential part of the lawsuit process.

Insurance Disputes

Sometimes an injury occurs and if the victims are insured, there is the reasonable expectation that once fault has been determined, the injury victims will receive money from the insurers they’ve been paying all this time to provide the contingency money required for treatment. Unfortunately, this is doesn’t always play out as hoped for.

Sometimes insurers will either not dispense insurance at the expected amounts, or may even claim that no insurance payments are required. A personal injury claims lawyer can help with settling insurance disputes just as much as playing a role in determining who is at fault in the initial accident.

If you are injured due to someone else’s negligence in the Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC area, we have the personal injury claims lawyer that can help. Contact us to explain your case, and work towards just and fair outcome.