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Personal Injury Lawyer DC

Personal Injury Lawyer DC

Did you know that personal injury law pertains to a lot of things? Well, it does. Car accidents, premises liability, and truck crashes fall under the category. Dog bites, motorcycle/bicycle incidents, wrongful death claims, and much more do as well. When a victim gets severely hurt by another’s negligence, they sometimes need to hire a personal injury lawyer DC.

These professionals are respectful, kind, and considerate. They listen, return calls, and always treat people the way they should be treated. It depends on the type of claim as to what the personal injury lawyer DC will do to build a strong case. The attorneys often collect witness statements, accident reports, and driver histories to support their clients’ positions. These individuals get black box data, traffic camera footage, and cell phone records as necessary too. 

The personal injury lawyer DC may work with various experts and specialists as well. Some of them help recreate accident scenes, while others testify on particular subjects in court. Legal firms even purchase property at times, pieces that will solidify their cases. If you have been looking for a personal injury lawyer DC, your search is finally over. Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C., is only a phone call away.

The team has been representing the injured in the nation’s capital, Maryland, and Virginia for more than 40 years. They will gladly do the same for you. We offer free case evaluations so that victims don’t have to try to find funds. They are already going through enough. Additionally, our clients only pay if their claims win and compensation is recovered. It doesn’t get much better than that, so go ahead, contact us and discover what the fuss is about for yourself. Let us now look at why a person might need to hire a personal injury lawyer DC, shall we?

A Texting Driver Strikes A Pedestrian

All sorts of folks are walking these days. Some do so for exercise and to shed excess weight. Meanwhile, others simply choose to walk to work, school, and elsewhere. The point is that there are plenty of pedestrians in the nation’s capital, but there are also plenty of motorists. Drivers know they aren’t supposed to text and drive. Yet, many of them commit the negligent act.

If an individual is paying close attention to their screen and not much else, they could fail to see the pedestrian at the crosswalk attempting to legally get to the other side of the road. Let’s say the driver didn’t see the walker and struck them. The human body is no match for a piece of machinery traveling at a high rate of speed. Broken bones, paralysis, a brain injury, and more can come to fruition. This is a type of situation that calls for a personal injury lawyer DC. 

A Slip And Fall In A Grocery Store

Grocery store aisles can be dangerous places. They are typically tile and easy to clean. However, there are all sorts of liquids on shelves. If jars, bottles, or containers get busted, fluids can end up on the floor. When employees don’t clean the mess up quite quick enough, a customer’s foot could slide in the substance and cause them to fall. These incidents can lead to fractures and broken bones. They also sometimes cause the victim to acquire a traumatic brain injury. This is another type of scenario where the injured may want to get an attorney to recover compensation. 

A Recalled Car Causes An Accident With Injuries

Sometimes, crashes occur that are no fault of either driver. Rather, defective parts or manufacturer negligence is to blame. Victims can file lawsuits against the appropriate parties to hold them accountable. Going it alone is typically not an option. Big corporations have legal teams on retainers. They are standing by and waiting for the chance to discredit injury claims. Some people don’t believe they can get restitution for injuries because of their vehicles being recalled, but that isn’t the case.

These individuals must prove they sustained their injuries before the recall was issued or that they didn’t have any knowledge of the situation. That sounds like a tall order if we have ever heard one, but it doesn’t have to be. Put our trustworthy and reputable attorneys in your corner to fight on your behalf. They will always do so with your best interests in mind and have the means to take your claim to trial if need be.