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Dog Bites

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dob biteEach year, 4.7 million dog bites occur in the US. While some of those are not serious, 1,000 people each day require treatment at the ER for a dog bite, and many others will require non-emergency medical treatment. Some of these victims are strangers to the guilty dogs others are familiar to them. Sometimes people are even bitten by dogs that had never before been considered vicious.

It’s popularly believed that certain types of dogs are more likely to bite innocent victims. Dogs such as pit-bulls are frequently maligned, but in reality dogs of just about any pedigree can be dangerous under certain circumstances. This may include a history of having been abused; poor nutrition, or sensing that biting is the only way out of a threatening situation. Unfortunately, many times people become victims of dog bites when they’re simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A dog bite can have severe effects on the life of a victim. The trauma inflicted can scar victims psychologically and interfere with their daily functioning. Medical bills from hospital treatment may leave victims deeply in debt. Lawsuits can compensate dog bite victims for their expenses and pain and suffering, but these lawsuits are not easily resolved, sometimes taking months or years. An experienced legal team is essential for getting victims the money they deserve.

Most states hold owners liable when their dogs bite people. Florida is one of these states. Negligence on the part of the owner or victim may affect liability when lawsuits are filed. Dog bite victims should consult a legal professional to determine their likelihood of winning a lawsuit. For the best chances of winning in court, dog bite victims should seek legal counsel with experience in handling dog bite cases. They will have the best chance of obtaining the greatest monetary reward to the victim.

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