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Premises Liability Attorney Washington DC

Premises Liability Attorney Washington DC

Premises liability is a legal concept that commonly rear’s its head in personal injury cases. In layman’s terms, it has to do with damages that one sustains while on another person’s property due to unsafe conditions. In order for the injured party to file a lawsuit, several requirements must be met, which are…

  • Some Type Of Negligence Must Have Occurred
  • The Defendant Must Possess/Own The Land
  • A Plaintiff Needs To Be A Licensee Or Invitee

The last topic in the bullet list is important as trespassers are not protected under premises liability law in DC. In other words, a burglar who gashes open his/her arm, while breaking into a house, cannot sue the property owner. Taking legal matters into one’s own hands can prove to be a disaster in the making. Why? Well, for starters, it can be challenging to establish negligence within such claims.

After all, repairs can be made before the scene is investigated. As such, the potential problem may not exist anymore. That is where having a premises liability attorney, Washington, DC, comes into play. The professional builds the most robust case possible via things like, collecting witness statements, obtaining surveillance camera footage, and gathering investigation reports. Many times, lawyers even work closely together with specialists who examine the area where the situation took place, which helps prove negligence. 

What Is Considered Negligence?

Numerous things can be considered negligent if the property owner knew about the problem and did nothing to correct it before an incident occurred. Additionally, should he or she have prior knowledge of the issue, and does not discuss the matter with visitors, that is deemed as neglectfulness. Some of the common reasons why these claims are brought to a premises liability attorney, Washington, DC, have to do with…

  • Poor Lighting 
  • Falling Objects Such As Light Fixtures, Loose Rain Gutters, And Roofing Materials
  • Broken Sidewalks And Steps
  • Wet Surfaces
  • And Uneven Floors

How Severe Are The Injuries?

Each case is unique, and the premises liability attorney, Washington, DC, should treat their client’s claim as such. The action assists him/her in determining the best way to move forward when it comes to building the case and how much compensation to seek. Now, back to the topic at hand, in many instances, the premises liability injuries are severe. Ailments like fractures/broken bones and sliced ligaments, or torn muscles, may require one or more surgeries to fix.

Meanwhile, a person that obtains a traumatic brain injury might need to visit doctors, purchase medications, and attend therapy sessions for years and years. These examples give persons an idea of how significant the damages can be. Additionally, the out-of-pocket expenses that a victim will incur are outrageous. Thankfully, a premises liability attorney, Washington, DC, can help individuals recover the settlement that they deserve. This country’s legal system is not a get-rich-quick scheme. However, it can be of assistance in getting people the financial stability to recover. 

What Law Firm Should A Person Choose?

Not all law firms are created equal. Some of them won’t go the extra distance to get the client the amount of compensation that is warranted. Additionally, sometimes, the business doesn’t have the financial means to take the case to trial if necessary. That is why citizens that get injured on another person’s property should contact Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C., for their premises liability attorney, Washington, DC, needs. The lawyers give each claim the personal attention that it deserves. Also, the firm has the collateral to fight on your behalf in front of a judge and jury when needed.

The initial case evaluation is free, and if the case is accepted by the firm, no payment is required unless compensation is recovered. Then, the fee is deducted right from that amount. Persons that do not need a premises liability attorney, Washington, DC, should not fret. The firm of Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C., handles other types of cases too. From personal injury to automotive accidents to dangerous and defective products, and more, the team has you covered. 

Plus, people that live in the states of Virginia and Maryland can receive assistance as well. The attorneys have years of experience under their belts. They have successfully represented many clients during the span. Don’t merely take the words in this article for everything, though. Rather, give us a call today, schedule an appointment, and discover what all of the fuss is about for yourself.