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Premises Liability Lawyer Washington DC

Premises Liability Lawyer Washington DC

Personal injury law is a large and complex part of the American legal system. It’s the set of laws that lets individuals hold others accountable for the harm they do to others, whether it’s malicious or negligent and whether the damage is done to your property or your person. Personal injury lawyers can help you deal with the fallout from a car accident and get the claim settlement you deserve. If you get injured because a property owner in the District of Columbia was negligent, you should call a premises liability lawyer in Washington, DC.

Have A Professional In Your Corner

The idea behind premises liability (sometimes called slip-and-fall laws) is simple: if you invite someone onto your property, you owe it to your invitee to keep them safe from harm. If you can’t get rid of all the dangers, you should at least warn them about the dangers. For instance, shop owners need to keep their shelves in good condition so they don’t tip over onto the customers, and janitors with mops need to use wet-floor warnings so guests don’t slip and break something if they land badly on a stone floor.

On the other hand, guests also have a responsibility to watch out for themselves. You can’t sue a property owner if you burn your arm on a stove when it’s clearly turned on, and you can’t sue a state park because a bear stole your food in the night or a bee sting gave you an allergic reaction. By entering the state park, you accepted the fact that you’d be sharing space with wild animals.

A professional premises liability lawyer in Washington DC like the ones at Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp can help in both situations. Not only can we defend and represent your case to the responsible parties and their insurance companies, we can also help by clarifying the law and letting you know whether your case has merit. This can save you a lot of time and money, especially because our initial case evaluations are always free.

Our Firm Covers All Areas Of Personal Injury Law

When you call Wingfield, Ginsberg, and Lipp, you aren’t just getting a premises liability lawyer for Washington, DC, Virginia, or Maryland. You’re also getting lawyers with experience in other areas of personal injury that include:

• Traffic accidents. The gridlock of our nation’s capital is notorious, and between all the cars and all the stress traffic accidents happen every day. We help the victims of accidents negotiate with auto insurance companies to make sure they get the settlement they deserve.
• Dog bite laws. Owning a pet means being responsible for that pet’s behavior around others, and a dog’s bite can be surprisingly dangerous thanks to the risk of infection.
• Product defects. If something you buy doesn’t live up to the promises of its advertising or if it breaks and injures you, then the manufacturer owes you compensation.
• Intentional injuries. While criminal law gets justice for the state after a crime, personal injury law gets compensation for the victims.
• Wrongful death. If someone dies because of negligence or a malicious attack, we can help the survivors get something for their loss.

If any of these categories sound like they fit your case, you should contact us for a more thorough evaluation.

Our Payment Is Your Payment

Personal injury lawyers, including our firm, don’t get regular payments. Instead, we get a commission based on the size of your settlement. This is for two important reasons: it gives the lawyers a good reason to work for the best and the most certain settlement possible, and it lets individuals who have little to no money of their own take on corporations that make billions each year and hold them accountable.

Not only will the help of a premises liability lawyer in Washington, DC not cost you anything directly, it can also increase the size of your settlement. Our clients often find that insurance companies are more willing to offer a larger settlement when they know the alternative is an expensive legal case they have a very good chance of losing.

Personal injury and premises liability laws are an important way that individuals can protect themselves from large corporations and dangerous people and hold them accountable for their actions. If you’re in need of a premises liability lawyer in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia, you should do yourself a favor and email, message, or call the offices of Wingfield, Ginsberg, and Lipp today.