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Truck Accident Lawyer Washington DC

Truck Accident Lawyer Washington DC

All along the Eastern Seaboard, you’ll find cities full of people and full of traffic.  That traffic can be a real problem, especially with massive trucks filling the highways as they deliver cargo up and down the coast.

Washington, DC is no exception, and if anything it’s infamous for the gridlock that grinds traffic to a halt during the rush hours.  Accidents are all too common in our nation’s capital, but you don’t have to deal with them alone.  If you get into a collision involving a large truck, you should contact a truck accident lawyer in Washington, DC right away and get the help of an experienced firm like Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp.

Serious Problems Deserve Professional Help

A truck accident, whether it’s a panel truck, a commercial pickup, or a semi, is very likely to be serious.  Trucks are much bigger and heavier than sedans or hatchbacks, and even SUVs and minivans are smaller by comparison.  That translates into a lot of property damage, and it means there’s a much greater chance that someone will be seriously injured or even killed in the impact.

Insurance companies are straightforward enough when you know who’s responsible and you don’t need to cover a big claim, but they become much less willing to pay out when the claim size is big or when the cause is unclear.  It doesn’t help that insurance companies employ some expert negotiators and investigators who do their best to keep claims as small as possible.

That’s why you should get some professionals of your own to represent your side of the argument.  At Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, we offer our services to people who need a truck accident lawyer in Washington, DC, Virginia, or Maryland.  Our legal team has years of experience handling traffic accidents of every kind, and you can count on us to back you up and make sure you get the compensation you deserve for the situation you’ve been through.

Get Support For Any Personal Injury

As a personal injury law firm, we offer more than just a truck accident lawyer for Washington, DC.  Our practice areas also include other areas of personal injury and tort law.

  • Defective products.  We can help you get a refund or a warranty replacement if the manufacturer is being reluctant, and we can make sure you get a settlement any property damage or injuries you took when a product broke.
  • Premise liability.  Property owners and managers have a responsibility to make sure their premises are safe for guests and workers, and they may be liable for damages if you suffer an injury on their property.
  • Dog bites.  Pet owners are responsible for the actions of their pets, or at least for making sure the animals under their care don’t harm any humans.
  • Wrongful death.  If someone dies because of another person’s negligence or malice, the survivors have a right to significant damages from the responsible party or parties.

Personal injury laws are all about making sure that we all do our parts to keep each other safe.  If a corporation or an individual does something or ignores something and that harms someone, it’s the job of Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp to make sure the victims get just compensation for their injuries.

We Aren’t Paid Unless You Succeed

Like every other truck accident lawyer for Washington, DC, our income depends on your success.  Our payment is a commission, a percentage of the settlement you receive through our efforts.  If you don’t get a cent, neither do we, or if your settlement is much less than what you were hoping for, so is our payment.

Personal injury lawyers use this system so that our clients won’t have to worry about steep legal fees or ongoing retainers.  This lets people bring cases against corporations or rich individuals even if they don’t have millions of dollars to spend on a legal team.  After all, while the criminal courts and regulators punish wrongdoers, it’s up to tort law and personal injury lawyers to make sure the victims receive a fair compensation.

Traffic in the District of Columbia can be a nightmare, especially if you end up in a collision with a truck.  That’s when you need a truck accident lawyer in Washington, DC, and the experts of Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp are here to help you in your time of need.