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Unfair Insurance Practice

Personal injury and wrongful death cases invariably involve insurance companies and insurance policies. We provide legal advice and representation in trucking and automobile cases, premises liability cases, products and retailer liability, and bad faith claims. We offer our clients services in all aspects of insurance law, including:

  • Litigation
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration

In the claims process, insurance companies have always held a big advantage over their insured. Carriers, armed with a battery of legal and forensic experts and extensive resources used to investigate and handle claims, have often projected a “David and Goliath” image when dealing with an insured who challenges the settlement of his claim. Typically, the insured does not understand the claim process until a loss occurs. Without foreknowledge of the policy, coverage, exclusions and interpretations, the insured feels helpless when presented the carrier’s interpretation and settlement offer. Oftentimes, the insured recovers far less than what the policy provides. Our firm knows the claims process and how to challenge the large insurance companies. We are well versed in interpreting insurance policy language and litigating insurance claims.

All of our attorneys are active members of Trial Lawyer Associations in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. If you have a case outside our practice areas, we can refer you to an experienced attorney we know and trust.

If you’re facing current Unfair Insurance Practice case, Wingfield, Ginsburg & Lipp, P.C. has helped countless clients find success in the expungement process. Contact us onlineĀ or call us at 800.584.4165.