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Washington DC Lawyers

Washington DC Lawyers

Millions of people live in Washington, DC and the surrounding counties in both Maryland and Virginia.  This concentration of humanity makes the nation’s capital a vibrant place full of festivals, art, historical and cultural museums, restaurants, and so much more.  Unfortunately, it also means that people can end up hurting each other, and they do so completely by accident, through negligence, and sometimes with intended malice.  It’s especially easy to find dangerous accidents on Washington’s crowded streets and highways.

When this happens, the criminal code can arrest and convict the people responsible, but that doesn’t compensate the victims.  It’s up to civil cases and personal injury lawyers to help victims get that compensation, and that’s where we come in.  At the law offices of Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, we represent clients who want compensation for property damage and personal injuries, and we work as Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC lawyers to make that happen.

Get A Professional On Your Side

When you file a personal injury claim, nine times out of ten you’ll be dealing with professional claims adjusters at an insurance company or the professional lawyer team of a large corporation.  Insurance companies are for-profit businesses, and so while they pay out claims when they need to, they have very strong reasons to pay as little as they can.

That’s why a small claim might go through without any trouble, but once it gets big enough the insurer will send out investigators and carefully go over the claim and any evidence you provided with it.  They look for any reason why their client couldn’t be at fault, and very often they find something.

The insurers are fighting with an unfair advantage:  their investigators are professionals who do this for a living, and you aren’t.  This is why it helps to hire some professionals of your own.  At Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, we offer our services as Washington, DC lawyers and negotiators for individuals who need compensation for injuries.  We can help you collect the important evidence and represent you when the time comes to reach a fair settlement.

Our Practice Area Is Broad

The offices of Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp practice as Washington, DC lawyers in several related areas of tort law.

  • Basic personal injuries where one person causes another person to go to the hospital and miss work.
  • Traffic accidents that occur all too often on Washington’s crowded roads and cause all kinds of damage.
  • Dog-bite injuries caused by a dog or other pet that should have been under the owner’s control.
  • Premise liability injuries that should have been avoidable if the person in charge had kept the area safe or at least carefully labeled.
  • Defective product injuries caused by a company selling a dangerous and poorly documented product.
  • Wrongful death cases that are brought to court by the immediate family of the victim.
  • Malicious injuries that are committed as part of a crime.  These cases often run in parallel to criminal trials.

Our Payday Is Your Payday

While you would pay most kinds of Washington, DC lawyers on a retainer or an hourly fee, personal injury attorneys like Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp work differently.  Our payment is a percentage commission of the settlement, so we won’t see a cent unless you do, and no matter how small the settlement is you’ll always take home a majority of it.

Personal injury lawyers work this way for two important reasons.  First, it encourages us to seek the best settlement or trial result possible for our clients.  Second, it lets individuals hire good legal help even if they don’t have a fraction of the money corporations spend on legal fees.  This levels the playing field and helps make sure that we can still hold major companies responsible for their actions or negligence.

If you get rear-ended in traffic or if you buy a product that puts you in serious and unexpected danger, you could be entitled to compensation from the party or parties at fault.  If this happens in our nation’s capital, you’ll need Washington, DC lawyers.  That means you should contact the offices of Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp for a free case evaluation so we can determine exactly how we can help you and what your next step should be.