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Wrongful Death Attorney Washington DC


Wrongful Death Attorney Washington DC

A death in the family is never easy.  Whether it’s a parent, spouse, or (worst yet) a child, it can take a long time to recover from your grief—assuming you ever will.  And if the death was preventable or avoidable in some way, that only makes things worse.  You may always end up wondering what else you could have done.

Unfortunately, death can also be expensive.  There’s the cost of the burial or cremation, the funeral arrangements, and all of the legal fees and estate taxes you might end up paying.  If someone is responsible for your loved one’s death, either through negligence or through malicious action, then that person or organization is also responsible for the costs that come afterwards and should be the one paying them.  And to make that happen, you should hire a wrongful death attorney in Washington, DC if you live in town or the metro area.

Rely On Expert Legal Advice

When someone close to you passes away, it’s only natural to feel emotional and stressed out.  That’s a hard thing to deal with, and it’s even harder to jump from that shock straight into all the rules and regulations of the American court system.  Retaining a lawyer is very useful at the best of times, but when the case is about wrongful death a lawyer is absolutely essential.

A wrongful death attorney in Washington, DC can look at your case with an impartial eye and figure out the merits and the problems you might have to deal with as the case moves forward.  Your attorney can also explain all the different kinds of compensation you can ask for, such as lost wages, lost companionship, funeral expenses, and transportation costs.  By counting up the tangible and intangible damages, you can go to court with a reasonable request that covers everything.

Go Beyond Wrongful Death

Here at the law offices of Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, our practice area covers much more than just wrongful death cases.  We handle all kinds of tort (personal injury) cases, such as the examples below.

  • Basic personal injuries, which include damage caused by negligence or malice to a person, a person’s children, or a person’s property.
  • Dog-bite incidents.  While it’s most common for pet dogs to bite people and cause a serious injury, these laws cover any animal a person might be responsible for, including cats, birds, farm animals, and zoo animals.  If a person or company cares for an animal, they have a responsibility to keep it fed and either train it to be safe around people or use barriers to protect visitors.
  • Traffic accidents of all kinds, including collisions that involve cars, large trucks, and motorcycles.  DC’s infamously heavy traffic doesn’t help with the number of these cases.
  • Premise liability cases.  Property owners and managers have a responsibility to keep their premises safe for visitors and employees, and if that doesn’t happen they may be responsible for damages.
  • Defective products.  Manufacturers have a responsibility to create products that won’t harm consumers, at least not if they’re used correctly.  Also, shipping companies and merchants have a responsibility to avoid damaging products so they aren’t broken when the consumer gets them.
  • Malicious injuries.  Crimes are tried and punished in the criminal court system, but they don’t compensate the victims.  That gets left to personal injury cases in civil courts, which often use the same evidence as the criminal case and wait until the final plea or verdict to try the case.

Since death is a consequence of an accident rather than a cause, you may end up needing an expert wrongful death attorney in Washington, DC even if your case falls into one of the categories above, too.

Get A Lawyer Who Only Gets Paid When You Are

A big difference between personal injury lawyers and other law firms is the fact that they almost always get paid on commission instead of taking a regular fee.  This means your wrongful death attorney in Washington, DC will take a percentage of the settlement but never take a cent out of your pocket, win or lose.  The reason for this is so individuals can get professional legal help when going up against big businesses that can afford to drag out a case.

It’s never easy to lose someone you love, especially when it didn’t have to happen.  However, life goes on, bills need paying, and while money is a small consolation it comes in handy during trying times.  A wrongful death attorney in Washington, DC like those at Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp can help you get just compensation from the parties at fault and make the grieving process a little bit easier.